Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CBS series "Intelligence": superpowers from nanobots, and also a deadly "contagious" mechanical infection

I have to chuckle at the new CBS series “Intelligence”, created by Michael Seitzman, inspired by the book “Phoenix Island” by John Dixon.
Gabriel Vaughn (Josh Holloway) becomes the latest super-hero, with a smartphone chip implanted into his brain.  His powers come  at a bodily price; it’s a good thing that he’s smooth, because he has to wear Holter monitoring equipment all the time on his chest.
I checked the episode Feb. 17, “Size Matters”, where a new epidemic breaks out, where nanobots are the infecting agents.  This is a “mechanical infection” rather than “biological infection”.  We’ve seen this idea before, in series ranging from “Jake 2.0” (2003, just one fall season on UPN) and now “Revolution” on NBC
This time, there’s a terrorist mailing yellow packages; opening them and touching them can lead to infection.  There’s also a manifesto, embedded in some cursive writing (into the letters themselves) included with the packages.  This sounds a bit like the Unabomber, except that the contents of the manifesto sound more broadly reasoned, about sustainability and the possibility of a sudden world catastrophe (through EMP, for example).  In fact, it sounds like “my” Do Ask, DoTell books.  Should I feel flattered?
Dr. Cassidy (who had been kidnapped by the Chinese for espionage in the Pilot), John Billingsley, intervenes, and seems to be a father figure to the rogue young man.  He gets “infected” and nearly bleeds out through his nose, as if having Ebola.  It’s as if the show split me into two characters.
The link for the series is here

The writing seemed a bit stereotyped and haphazard.  The series had originally been scheduled for February 2014 but was moved up to January 7.  

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