Monday, February 17, 2014

Chris Cuomo grills George Zimmerman on CNN New Day

Chris Cuomo gave George Zimmerman a riveting interview early Monday morning on CNN New Day, and most of it was rebroadcast repeatedly throughout the day.
“Do you regret having killed Trayvon Martin. It’s a simple question.”   
I had trouble following any real logic in Zimmerman’s comments.  He sees himself as a victim. He says he was having his head based in by Trayvon.  But he does say that if he could get into a time machine and change history, he would have stayed home that night.
His painting is interesting.  There’s anger in his art, but so there is in most people’s.  How often do you find painters who also prize-fight?
The link for the interview is here

Cuomo, although a social liberal, is an incredibly tough interviewer when getting his subjects to explain their actions,  Remember the grilling he gave Amanda Knox?
Cuomo has said that Zimmerman’s case may be more defensible legally than Michael Dunn’s in Jacksonville, where CNN aired the verdict live Saturday night. 

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