Tuesday, February 04, 2014

PBS American Experience:: "The Amish: Shunned"

Tonight, PBS American Experience aired “The Amish: Shunned”, and traced the experience of seven individuals who tried to leave the Amish culture as young adults. 
It was interesting that the people say that they have not been taught to live in freedom, and that the Amish view an authoritarian structure, where people accept what they are told, as necessary to maintain stability and a certain existential kind of fairness.
One man left at age 25, and then later he and his wife took in young adults who had left the community, about two at a time.  He was supposed to be banned from the community and his family for life, but jos parents did welcome him back for an 18-hour visit. 

In some scenes, the Amish seemed to have cars, and electricity, but that may be OK if it is locally generated. 
It’s clear that people experience intimacy and sexuality in this culture as part of a group experience of faith, and it is not a matter of choosing qualities of another person as an individualist sees it.
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Picture: downtown York, PA.  A freed housecat was pouncing on a bird on the bank as I took the picture. 

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