Sunday, March 16, 2014

ABC 20-20 "Murder for Hire" Federal ATF agents get made up to play as hitmen

ABC’s 20-20 on Friday March 16 aired “Murder for Hire”, with David Muir, a documentary about ATF agents who pose as hit men to carry out stings against people who hire them to kill other people, often spouses or romantic rivals.

Some of the people who hire them are women, and a couple of the women clients said horrible things, wanting to see rivals or ex-spouses “suffer”.
The link for the episode broadcast is here.   You must log on through your cable provider’s account to view it. 


The ATF agents are heavily made up, with prosthetics, to play the roles.  The makeup artists were heavily tattooed!  One ATF agent posed as an inmate and prison guards did not even know.  He had to be heavily tattooed himself for the role. 

 Update: May 31

On May 30, 20-20 updated this story with an account of a woman, Nicole, who had an affair with a married man, Howie, and hired a hit man to kill his wife, Jenny.  The hit man was an undercover ATF agent.  Nicole was arrested at a Doubletree Inn in New Jersey where she worked.  He had wanted to attend Jenny's funeral as proof.  She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison.  Jenny fears she could hire another hit man from prison.  Jenny had to play dead to get the sting to work

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