Saturday, March 22, 2014

ABC 20-20, NBC Dateline present similar mysteries that don't make heterosexual marriage look good

Both ABC 20-20 and NBC Dateline presented mysteries Friday evening.

ABC presented “Sleeping with the Enemy”.  A woman meets a young widower and gradually becomes suspicious that he could have killed his first wife in North Carolina.  An overwhelming circumstantial case builds up.  There is a mistrial, with one juror holdout, and the man enters an Alford plea, which this time is not used to cover an unjust conviction, but to get a guilty plea with some time served.  The link for the story is here.    I have to say that ABC’s site serves some cheesy ads that get in the way and take some effort to get rid of.


And NBC Dateline’s “At Close Range” (link) presented the story of a male school principal Keith Reed in upstate New York murdered after the husband of a woman in Virginia whom he had dated once and who inadvertently contacts him again tracks him down.  Thank goodness I’m not susceptible to such jealousy. But there's a flip side.  No one can remain insulated from the vulnerability of others forever.  Sometimes you have to dive in and it has to be OK.  

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