Sunday, March 09, 2014

ABC "Resurrection": The Pilot is solid, offers no clues as to "how they came back" (unless "they went up"); French series said to be better

I caught the Pilot of “Resurrection” Sunday night, and was a bit underwhelmed. 
It starts when a boy Jacob (Landon Giminez) finds himself in a rice paddy in southern China.  After the villagers and Chinese government get him routed back to the US (with the help of agent Martin Bellamy playe dby Oamr Epps), he is sent back to what he says was his family in Arcadia, MO (parents played by Frances Fisher and Kurtwood Smith). The “problem” is that he had died 32 years earlier (in 1981) when trying to rescue him mom from a river current and then drowning. 
The obvious comparison will be “The 4400”, where suddenly a lot of people return to Seattle having been abducted three years earlier. 
ABC’s site is here

The river drowning and rescue reminds me of Nick Fallon's reappearance on the soap "Days of our Lives" after his apparent intention drowning by three female characters. Maybe he's a ghost. 
The show is said to be similar to a French series called “The Returned” from the fall of 2013 (and a French film “They Came Back”), and based on a novel also called “The Returned” by Jason Mott.  (I say, it “they came back”, maybe first “they went up”). 
DNA tests show that the boy is apparently the same person who died 32 years ago, and it looks as though grave exhumation is in order.  There’s no hint in the Pilot as to any “science” as to how this could happen. 
Then, another family member, a young male, returns at the very end.
There’s no question, if someone could return after decades without aging, this would be a very big deal.  Were “the returned” abducted by the long-lived aliens in “The Event”?   Did they visit the future?  How would society be affected if this sort of thing happened repeatedly.  We’ll see in coming episodes.
“Just Seen It” on YouTube has a review (with Aaron Fink) of the first two episodes (apparently the Mar. 16 episode was previewed online for some viewers). 
Here’s some commentary in Slate, link

That "I'm coming home" song sounds a bit trite to my ear.   

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