Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CNN "Death Row Stories: Edward Lee Elmore

CNN’s “Death Row Stories” led off Wednesday night with the case of Edward Lee Elmore, in South Carolina, and attorney Diane Holt, as well as journalist-author Raymond Boner, “Anatomy of Justice: A Case Gone Wrong”.  Elmore was convicted for the murder of Dorothy Edwards in 1982. 
Elmore faced S.C.’s electric chair for a number of years, but Edwards was able to show irregularities and withheld evidence in the prosecution’s case.  Eventually, she got a hearing before the conservative 4th Circuit in Richmond, which voted 2-1 that he was entitled to a new trial.
But the prosecution agreed instead to what sounds like an Alford Plea, similar in principle to what was done for the West Memphis Three.

The CNN link is here

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