Tuesday, March 04, 2014

CNN Piers Morgan: Dershowitz describes South Africa as a failed country, with respect to Pistorius trial

Last night (Monday, "Hier soir") Piers Morgan interviewed Alan Dershowitz on the Oscar Pistorius shooting case in South Africa.

Echoing what is said in the movie 'Tell Me and I Will Forget" (Movies blog, Feb. 4), Dershowitz said that post-Apartheid South Africa is a failed country, with race-driven street crime and home invasions so uncontrollable as to amount to civil war.

HLN runs the interview as "Mistake or Murder?," here

Yet a year ago Morgan had an interview with the double amputee "blade runner" being described as a role model.

But it certainly It sounds that homeowners in many parts of the country have a very short fuse to act on any suspicion of a home invasion.  Everyone has to be armed.   

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