Saturday, March 08, 2014

CNN's "Chicagoland": will it play all over the country?

CNN has a new docudrama series on Thursday nights, “Chicagoland”, at 10 PM ET. 
The opening episode profiles Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel (and Garry McCarthy) and his struggle to reduce the school budget, drawing protests from parents all over the city.
The Chicago Business Journal notes that the show did not do particularly well, even by cable standards, since cable typically has lower viewer numbers that broadcast, link here
But other sources say that the series will help prop up Emmanuel for the 2016 election.  It seems odd to expect an entire nation to show an interest in the issues of one city. 
The series has Robert Redford as an Executive Producer had has CNN link here
Dan Mihalopoulos discusses the show here.
The series is produced in partnership with CSTTV, which had previously produced a documentary about Corey Booker of Newark. 

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