Wednesday, March 19, 2014

CWTV "The 100": Let the "expendables" repopulate the Earth after a nuclear catastrophe

The 100” premiered tonight on CWTV.  The series, created by Jason Rothenberg and based on the book by Kass Morgan, starts with the premise that man is living in a space colony 97 years after Earth destroyed itself with nuclear war (maybe because of Putin’s aggression), and may run out of resources in a few months.
 The space colony comprises descendants of people living in space at the time of the apocalypse.  It sends 100 juvenile delinquents down to Earth, saying they are the most expendable, to see in Earth is habitable again.

The space colony is run like a dictatorship, where any offense by an adult results in the death penalty (by being placed in an airlock which is drained of air into space).  Life is based on sacrifice for the future.  Parents are allowed to have only one child.  The concept reminds me somewhat of “Evacuate Earth” (cf blog, Aug. 30, 2013).
When the kids arrive, they celebrate being able to live without rules, out in nature, but soon they will realize they need some kind of law and order.  This sounds a bit like how Australia was formed.
They want to reach “Mt. Weather”, which is a real place, the location in the Virginia Blue Ridge where FEMA has a survival facility for the government in case of catastrophe (International Issues blog, March 8, 2014).The show, however, depicts high mountains and a rain forest that resembles the Cascade area of the Pacific Northwest or British Columbia.
The official link for the series is here

One actor in the series of particular interest is Richard Harmon, as John Murphy.  Harmon had a brief and likeable role in Smallville, but was the lead character (a filmmaker) in the indie gay sci-fi film “Judas Kiss”, reviewed on the Movies blog June 4, 2011.  This time, he plays someone who is much more aggressive physically, since he is supposed to be one of the delinquents. I haven’t checked AE’s “Bate’s Motel” yet but I will. 

The series title does remind me of “The 4400”, a few years ago, on USA (July 29, 2008).  

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