Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nate Berkus returns with new reality show, "American Dream Builders"

Nate Berkus is hosting a new reality show, “American Dream Builders”.
Each week, the two competing design teams (of design professionals, some of them self-made with their own businesses) will each renovate one house for one family. A community board will decide which renovation is the best, and one person from the losing team is fired, just as on “The Apprentice”.

The first episode, the homes appeared to be near San Diego (didn’t hear the location mentioned).  The losing team failed to complete all the work in the bathroom.

The renovation was extensive, tearing out walls and enlarging rooms, especially kitchens.  In one case, a boys’ bedroom was converted to a den. It’s interesting how many kids even in upper middle class families don’t have their own rooms.

Nate had his own daytime design program until May of 2013.  Steve Harvey has taken over his prior slot in the DC area. 

The main NBC link is here.

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