Sunday, March 16, 2014

NBC "Crisis": lives of kids will be bargained against the whole country; what do "they" want?

NBC is playing the sacrifice card with its new series “Crisis”, which premiered at 10 PM tonight.  The Pilot is called "If You are Watching This, I Am Dead". 
Some kids, mostly high school students but a few younger, are on a school bus, protected by the Secret Service, when it is hijacked and the kids are taken to a safehouse by guys who say they are “pros”.
Secret service agent Marcus Finley (Lance Gross) is on his new job for the first day, when he and the chubby son (Joshua Erenburg) of the president escape separately, after Finley is slightly wounded and left behind.  One of the parents on the field trip is played by Dermot Mulroney, and the terrorists prove they mean business by chopping off a finger.
The villains hop around the house with “anonymous” masks, bragging about their professionalism, and it seems as though they are going to put the parents in the position of sacrificing their kids for the country, or something like that.
John Allen Nelson will play President Devore, and Gillian Anderson will play a big Silicon Valley CEO Meg Fitch.
The way a narrow mountain road is blockaded is interesting, and Secret Service isn’t told ahead of time that it is closed “by police”.  That’s a tip off.

At one point, a secret service agent will say, "I took an oath to defend this country, and if necessary I must let my son die." 
What do the conspirators want? There's a tagline, "Give them what they want, and we get our kids back!"  Well, what if they want nuclear weapons?  It reminds me of the line from Stephen King's "Storm of the Century" miniseries a decade ago: "Give me what I want and I'll go away." 
The NBC link is here

Last night I ran into a couple of young men on the Metro who happened to be big fans of Netflix’s “House of Cards”, and mentioned a rumor that the “chief of staff” was dead.  The greatest movie of all time for the more vocal kid was “Back to the Future 2”, made the year he was born.

Episode 2 (March 23):  ("We Were Supposed to Help Each Other") was a bit of a disappointment.  A couple of kids are burtalized, There is a hint that selfishness or "cowardice" on the part of one kid could jeopardize all the others, a "forced solidarity" situation. And there is a crisis at the Pakistan embassy on International Ave. in Washington DC (near Van Ness St and UDC).

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