Monday, March 10, 2014

NBC's "Believe": a small girl with powers doesn't set up the same sort of story as "Smallville"

NBC aired its premier of “Believe” tonight, the latest “supernatural” offering, this time an effort combining J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron.
The basic story setup has a young girl Bo (Jonny Sequoyag( with telekinetic and psychic powers on the run with family from the dark forces (probably the government according to Edward Snowden, although Kyle MacLaclan -- "Twin Peaks" -- plays a corporate goon in on the chase).  There is a horrific car accident, probably deliberately caused.
At the same time, a catholic priest helps a wrongfully convicted man Tate (Jake McLauglin) on death row break out of prison in what seems like a most improbable sequence.
Tate will wind up having to “protect” the girl as they become a tag team.  He even says he doesn’t like kids, but he’s not in a position to refuse to play father. 
The medical intern who treats Tate’s injuries on the lam in the intern’s apartment is rather cute. 
The question with a series like this is concept.  Is there some puzzle or mystery to solve?  Are the protagonists really people we identify with?  I don’t see much of that in the pilot.
The series moves to Sunday night next week.
The NBC link is here.   The series, produced by Warner Brothers and Bad Robot, is filmed on Long Island.
I guess Bo isn’t “coming home” (like in “Resurrection”) for a while. 

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