Thursday, March 06, 2014

NBC's "Revolution" enters the worlds of "Dreamcatcher", "Inception" and "Matrix"

The NBC series “Revolution” went into the space of films like “Inception”, the “Matrix” trilogy, and even Stephen King’s “Dreamcatcher” with an episode last night titled after King’s novel incorporating turd weasels. 
Aaron (Zak Orth) has been trying to fix the “memory leak” (that is, a bug similar to Apple iOS-TLS bug (IT blog Feb. 23) that will cause his nanobots to self-destruct, burning up the world in the process.  He wakes up in a parallel universe with power, still married to Priscilla (Maureen Sebastian).  She tests his perception of reality by kissing him. If he is in rem sleep, he still responds.  They go to work, and Aaron doesn’t feel like fixing the code on a whiteboard.  And the villains from the Military Industrial Complex are chasing him everywhere (with effect that recall the early 90s thriller “Jacob’s Ladder”).
He returns to the world without power, and rushes in and fixes the memory leak before lightning stirkes set the whole world on fire.

I’m not sure I follow all the “logic” of JJ Abrams’s theory right now.   

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