Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Parenthood" episode maintains all teens should learn to babysit

I caught an episode of “Parenthood” Thursday night, called “Fraud Alert”.
I started with one rebellious teen, Max Braveman (Max Buckholder) refusing to go back to school after getting insulted on a field trip, so dad (Peter Krause) has to give him a different adventure.
But what caught my attention was that Drew (Miles Heizer) gets committed to a babysitting gig by his mom.  I guess Drew is supposed to be about 19. We don’t think of boys doing babysitting, but in fact when I was a boy, there were two older teens, who both became Methodist ministers, who “sat” me, one of them accepting my indulgence in changing the rules for ping pong, or showing him my outdoor “city” (with one building, a woodshed).  I’ve run into families before where parents say they want all their kids to learn to take care of younger kids. 
Drew returns and says this was the silliest $40 he had ever earned.  The kids didn’t want to do anything but watch passive TV. 
At least this isn’t quite “the Baby Borrowers”.  

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