Thursday, March 27, 2014

Prince Harry's South Pole Heroes, special documentary on NBC

Prince Harry (Captain Harry Wales), 29, produced a one-hour documentary called “Prince Harry's South Pole Heroes” for NBC, shown last night at 8 PM, about a benefit skiing race or trek to the South Pole to raise money for military veterans. 
The three teams were Red (Britain), Orange (Commonwealth), and Blue (US). 
Many wounded veterans participated.  There were four amputees.  One female veteran had been burned by a suicide bomber (in Iraq?) and said she had wondered how anyone could ever be attracted to her.  This was hard to take.
Prince Harry showed us his blisters, and said, “thankfully, I have feet”.  Fortunately, he was wearing long black tights as leggings

NBC’s link is here.

The elevation at the Pole is 9000 feet.  They were to reach it in mid December (the equivalent of June in the northern hemisphere) and yet it could be -45 F at that latitude and altitude.  This is as close to conditions on Mars (except maybe the dry valleys) that we can approach on Earth.
An episode of “Revolution” was delayed one week.  This was significant because the episode is supposed to explain the conspiracy that resulted in the power blackout.

Wikipedia attribution link for South Pole picture with flags. 

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