Monday, March 24, 2014

Vox Media presents interview with Elizabeth Kolbert on mass extinctions

I'm going to call a substantial video interview (15 minutes) on Vox Media a "TV program", in the sense that it could be viewed as part of a web series.

I saw the first of these interviews by journalist-columnist Ezra Klein (formerly the editor of the Wonkblog at the Washington Post and generally supportive of progressive positions common within the Democratic Party). Ezra, in his new office that appears to be somewhere above Dupont Circle, interviews Elizabeth Kolbert, author of the book "The Sixth Extension", showing how climate change could cause huge die-offs in a few decades, very startling in geological history terms. (The biggest die-off happened with snowball Earth, 250 million years ago.)  This amount of recent change should not have happened in Ezra's lifetime already, she says to him (he is 29).  The link is here.  It would be helpful it the video gave a length or timer bar at the bottom, like YouTube or Vimeo.  The title of the clip is simply "What Is Mass Extinction?" The dinosaurs didn't do anything wrong.  

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