Friday, April 04, 2014

ABC 20-20 covers especially gruesome murder by a "spoiled" teen of his parents before a "house party" (in FL)

ABC 20-20 had a three disturbing stories about teen behavior tonight, in an episode titled "Teenage Decisions, Dire Consequences". 
The last of the stories considered the “choking game” which even “good kids” engage in.  About the only explanation was the immaturity of the “teen brain” which does not recognize consequences of actions. Dr. Phil has often talked about this.  In my own observation (having worked as a subsitute teacher), I simply see enormous variations in maturity.  Participation in multiple "real world" activities requiring some social interaction seems to result in much more rapid social and cognitive maturity.  But so do some solidarity activities.  Chess, for example, by the nature of the game, teaches the idea of long-term consequences for early decisions.   
The most disturbing story was the first episode where a teen, Tyler Hadley, killed both parents and then held a “house party” that evening, in Florida town of Port Saint-Lucie, FL.  The parents’ room was filled with junk during the party.  He told his best friend, who waited several hours in disbelief to leave and call police. 
Nancy Grace, legal consultant to ABC, commented.  The link is here.  The teen took a "selfie" picture first. 
The act seems incomprehensible.  Tyler was sentenced to life without parole recently.

Tyler had been angry at the house rules his parents were applying, and apparently they were going to send him to a residential drug rehab program.
This is a particularly disturbing case.  Tyler had been given everything and came from a “good” and stable home. But so had several other young men in the news in recent rampage cases.  

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