Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Born to Explore" traces the origin of break dancing; more about dolphis and sharks together

ABC stations (like WJLA in Washington) still offer some interesting Saturday morning adventures.
“Ocean Adventure”  (from Costeau, originally) showed dolphins and sharks swimming and co-existing in a small area.  The dolphis seem to know when they can tolerate the presence of these large carnivores, who somehow know to leave them alone.  Cetaceans and cartilaginous fish are quite far apart biologically – yet dolphins – mammals like us – started with their inner fish (Thursday posting) and then went back to the ocean as mammals for “free” food.  Then the program showed an endoscopic examination of the mouth and stomach of a zebra shark, which was then set free.  Free fish, anyone?


Richard Wiese’s “Weekend Adventure: Born to Explore” covered the experience of “dance”, particularly in South Korea and China, and then mentioned the origin of “break dancing” in New York City as an adjunct to hip-hop and rap music, not to be confused with “dirty dancing” in today’s discos.  

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