Wednesday, April 09, 2014

CNN: "The Survivor Diaries" with Anderson Cooper, tells story of Adrianne Haslet-Davis, from Boston Marathon attack

As the anniversary of the Boston Marathon attack in 2015 approaches, CNN aired the first report of  “The Survivor Diaries”, about Adrianne Haslet-Davis, whose foot was amputated after shrapnel tore through her ankle.
The report for the story is here. Anderson Cooper hosts.  The Advocate has a report here of Cooper’s coverage (you have to watch a Gilette ad of male chest shaving to get to the content). 

The initial part of her account is quite chilling.  She and her husband saw the first explosion and feared the worst, which happened.  Her husband was also injured.
The last part of the episode did show her returning to dancing with the prosthetic.
I won’t get into recounting the emotionality of the middle of the episode.  She was also honored at a Boston Red Sox game.
I did not particularly relish this series, but saved it last night as I was out.  I get rather uncomfortable contemplating intimate relationships after disfiguring injuries.  I do have an issue with the idea of remaining sexually attracted to a partner after something happens, particularly because of a crime resulting from someone else’s nihilistic indignation.  I have not actually experienced this up close, although there was a sequence in the late 1970s when this might have happened.  Dealing with HIV patients as a “buddy” in the 1980s did not present this problem precisely because the patients would not live long, so emotionally that aspect made it actually easier.  Likewise, dealing with end of life from ordinary aging does not present this problem and is not by itself challenging or controversial.  But I’m not sure that I would could survive a deliberate maiming (conceivably targeted) like this, or could support someone else in a relationship.  This is not a particularly good place to be, though, as it makes one (and others) even more vulnerable, especially to misdirected anger or hostility of others. But, I am 70.
When I was substitute teaching a few years ago, a few times I was ambushed with an expectation of involvement for which I was not prepared by my own life or choices.  I resisted making something or someone "all right".    
Anderson dances with her and says he forgets which leg is the prosthetic, as it is all covered with socks  Then Anderson says, “This is how my dates with girls always ended”.
Adrianne does say that the surviving brother Dzkohkar Tsarnaev should get the death penalty.   But there needs to be a full trial to know what he was really thinking.  But I sometimes wonder if lack of emotional resilience (as I described in myself) can invite more problems from others who somehow think they are victims themselves.  
Update: April 10

NBC News reported on Jeff Bauman, also an amputee, who has written a book named "Stronger".

Right now, the video speaks for itself.
Wikipedia attribution link for Boston downtown area panorama. 

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