Monday, April 07, 2014

HBO: "Silicon Valley" presents the "in crowd" in the Internet world (but old school)

There’s a new series on HBO by Mike Judge, “Silicon Valley”, a half-hour comedy series which premiered Sunday night, April 6. 

The cast seems to include a lot of appealing young men, the kind that would be viewed as attractive in a gay disco.  They are surprisingly stereotyped. 

The comedy is supposed to come from the idea that those who succeed in Silicon Valley (not “Silicone Valley although that could make sense) are the least prepared to maintain it, as a company tries to fight off acquisition by Google.

The pilot includes a vomiting-wastebasket scene, and the line “I have gay friends”, which is something gay teachers had to say back in the 1980s.

The series is directed by a former systems engineer from the very early days of the Internet. 

The HBO link is here

“If you want to live here, you’ve got to deliver?”

“Jobs or Wozniak?”
It is true, in the early days of Facebook, programmers actually crashed and lived together in a Palo Alto CA house to get the platform built.

Picture: No, not Silicon, but Disney, but it's what I have, from 2012.  

Best looking: Bobak Bahktiari, as the CEO of Immedibug.    

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