Saturday, April 26, 2014

Huffington-AOL video interview from NYC on LGBT Asylum Project, problems in Africa, Russia, even South America

The Huffington Post has a half hour video by a cable TV episode, “Gay Asylum Seekers in America”, hosted by Ahmed Shibab Eldir in New York City.  The link (no embed available) is here.

Eldir interviews two young men, from Guyana (South America, the country where Jonestown was), and Nigeria, each in the country about a year at the time of the broadcast (Oct. 2013). 

A substantial number of gay men and women from “homophobic countries” are in the United States legally on visas that could expire, and some may seek asylum.  A few have somehow been able to flee here and arrive, with little means of support.  Organizations to give them legal aid are appearing in New York (the LGBT Asylum Project NYC), Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington DC,  Eldir also interviewed two attorneys or activists, Ben Chapman and Kent Kindera.
There is more on the problem on my GLBT issues blog.  

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