Saturday, April 19, 2014

Morgan Spurlock starts Season 2 as "Inside Man" by "joining" the paparazzi

Morgan Spurlock has started his new season (2) of Inside Man and became a paparazzo this time (“Morgan Spurlock Joins the Paparazz”), rebroadcast Friday night at midnight.  The basic link is here

Spurlock found that he had to get the lighting and focus right, which is hard to do under conditions of this kind of “work”.  He wound up making about $4 in his ten days.

Spurlock interviewed a security company president who argued for the celebrities, protecting their kids from attention.  One big concern is that a criminal could show up pretending to be a photographer and have a weapon.

Another spokesperson for the celebrities said that we need a constitutional amendment on the First Amendment reducing the right to photograph people, especially minors, even in public places. He predicted strong political activism to argue for such an amendment.
Non-celebrities have become more concerned about photographs of them showing up on other people's blogs and social media walls and getting tagged. 

The economic incentive is, of course, the tabloids and sometimes legitimate periodicals that pay big bucks for intimate photos that the publishers believe supermarket customers will pay to buy.

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