Saturday, April 05, 2014

NBC Dateline: "The Girl in the Blue Mustang", almost cold case from CA desert in 2000

NBC Dateline “Saturday Mystery” was the re-airing of “The Girl in the Blue Mustang” (from 2010), the story of the murder a college co-ed freshman who starred in some rock videos (maybe reminiscent of the “kiss or kill” scene, Movies blog, April 2),  in a parking lot near I-10 and north of LA on the edge of the Mojave Desert,  on Feb. 22, 2000. 

A security guard, Raymond Jennings was eventually prosecuted, after returning home from serving a tour in Iraq in 2005.  He stayed in jail until trial in 2008. He was a father of five kids.

It took three trials to convict him, of second degree murder.  The juries hung on the first two trials.  The physical and forensic evidence was seen as weak.  Jennings seemed to know a lot more about the case than was reasonable.

The third trial was held in the Antelope Valley, the original jurisdiction, rather than in LA.  Was this a case where a witness "helped too much"?  The jury deliberated for weeks.  

At sentencing, Jennings maintained his innocence and said he held no remorse because he didn't do it. He claimed he was at peace with God and Christ.
There is a detailed analysis on a blog called “Requiem for an Editor”, here

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I actually visited the area, which looks familiar, in May 2012. 

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