Monday, April 21, 2014

NBC Datelines: "The Road Home": Sam Granillo, survivor of Columbine, visits the sites of other school shootings

On Easter Sunday, NBC Dateline aired “The Road Home”, hosted by Lester Holt, and account of a 30-year-old Columbine survivor Sam Granillo goes on a road trip to visit sites of other school shootings, in March and April.  He drives first to Jonesboro AR, where there was an ambush by middle school students in 1998 – and they got out at 21.  Then he drives to Red Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota, an area I drove through myself in July 2001. He also visits Northern Illinois University and Virginia Tech.
There is a typical account here.
Granillo, now 31, describes being trapped for hours in a kitchen in the high school on April 19, 1999.  He also raises funds for the Wounded Minds Project.

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