Friday, April 11, 2014

NBC News: "108 Hours" in Boston; brutality against hope

NBC News and Dateline tonight aired “108 Hours: Inside the Hunt for the Boston Marathon Bombers”, with Brian Williams. The major link is here.

The documentary introduces double amputee Jeff Bauman, who helped identify one of the suspects from a video while still in the hospital.  It then covers the day of the incident by talking to several victims.
NBC has plenty of clips from a year ago on YouTube but does not seem to have posted parts of the documentary yet.

Williams interviews police chiefs and articles, who admit they had a real problem with respect civil liberties, in having to release photos of possible suspects, the first of which was wrong. 
The documentary moves on to the night of April 18, and the shootout in Watertown.  Police are not trained for military style combat, and law enforcement feared they had military-style guerilla terrorists as they shut down the entire city of Boston as they looked for the last suspect, the younger of the Tsarnaev brothers,  Dzhokhar. 

Officials also admit that the misspelling of Tamerlan’s name on a watch list may have impeded his having been stopped from re-entering the country, as in this story in Boston, link 

The attacks seem to be so especially brutal in the way they were directed at individuals.  Jeff says he saw Dzhokhar on a cell phone in the crowd, unconcerned about the carnage around him.  It’s possible to imagine incidents that could have been worse in other ways, with WMD’s, like with radioactive devices or flux devices (for local EMP).  Even so, the attacks seem to have been brutally premeditated. “Jahar” had a twitter account (“J_tsar”) and a few posts after the incident are rather chilling, link  His icon is bisarre. Note particularly the comment the evening after about not finding "love" in the city.  

The documentary did not cover the carjacking Thursday night, which was particularly disturbing because the car owner was kidnapped at the same time, although he escaped when the brothers stopped for gas.  Most carjackings involve just taking the vehicle.  

Wikipedia attribution link for map of incident.  The article has many graphic pictures.  

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