Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Resurrection" theories start to mount up

I watched episode 6 of ABC’s “Resurrection” (from April 13);  right now, you don’t have to sign on for any but the most recent episode.   It was called “Home”.
I won’t get into the details as they’re widely available.  But some of the concepts stand out.
There is a pastor who has fathered a child by one woman returned.  That leads to a confrontation in a church service.  Whoever wrote the episode is probably familiar with conflicts within many mainstream church congregations these days that lead to pastor firings or resignations – I’ve seen a lot of that in my life. 
There’s another issue with a prisoner who simply dematerializes in his jail cell.  The sheriff lies down in his bed and takes a nap.
And there’s the engagement of researchers at NIH in Bethesda (where I was a patient in 1962).  Why not the CDC in Atlanta?  The suggestion is made that the “returned” came from a parallel universe.  Could they be holograms? An image could not get pregnant.
In general, this series does not seem as appealing as “The 4400”, as the characters are not as compelling.

The ABC player did have an annoying glitch: one commercial's picture stayed on the screen while the audio from the show played.  I had to take it off full screen with the escape key (Windows 8), close, and re-open, where the player resumed at the correct spot. 

It’s getting harder for these series to maintain traction. 

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