Thursday, April 03, 2014

Will and Sonny are married now (Days of our Lives), as of 1:26 PM EDT today

Will and Sonny officially got married at 1:26 PM EDT on NBC’s “Days of our Lives”.  NBC immediately put on a commercial for its upcoming “Rosemary’s Baby”.

They were all dressed in formal wear – I’ve never worn a tux in my life and would be up the creek if some dinner really required one. 

One of the most interesting characters easier this week was Tad, who was so repentant after being a jerk about Will two years ago. 

I could say, all of this is so politically correct!

Note the music by Johann Pachabel.

Some episodes in the past have suggested that the soap takes place in Ohio, which has a constitutional ban on gay marriage and civil unions like Virginia's, but that ban is coming under repeated challenge now. 

Could I spent the rest of my life with someone?  I remember those days when I “dated” more, wanting the relationship to mean something at all, to have some continuity.  But I had no thoughts like “spending the rest of my life with someone”.  To maintain sexual interest if something bad happens (whether disease, war, or crime) seemed alien to me, but at one time it became a big moral issue.  That’s coming up soon on my new “Bill’s Media Reviews” blog.

It seems that twice, at least, Sonny has let Will (behind the scenes) shave his chest, before they’re in bed together.  They have to look the same, you know.

Guy Wilson doesn’t seem to bring the dramatic intensity that Chandler Massey did. (And the lighting on his face had a lot of glare in the wedding scene today.)  But Chandler was a different kind of actor, very effective in scenes where “power” is needed, like in dealing with Sami’s selfishness, or in manipulating EJ.  Chandler is following the example of David Gallagher (“Seventh Heaven”) and finishing his college degree.  But did he not want to be around for the actual wedding?

I can imagine another actor who could have been hired as Will, Timo Descamps, 27, the Belgian-Dutch actor (also singer and producer, said in Wikipedia to be openly gay) so effective as “Shane” in “Judas Kiss”.  He can definitely act with a neutral US accent.  

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