Friday, May 09, 2014

ABC 20-20 exposes a dangerous counterfeiting ring in Canada; more on lifeguards, cosmetologists, valet parkers

ABC 20-20 aired a “True Confessions” episode Friday night, May 9. 
The most important segment concerned a master counterfeiter of US $20 bills in Canada, who escaped prosecution by surrendering all of his equipment.
The counterfeiter figured out how to make the bills from a Secret Service website and was able to get the parts from companies in China and Germany.  Again, the story will raise questions about the availability of some information on the Internet.
Another important episode showed how difficult it is for lifeguards to see everything in a pool, especially close to the edges where the weakest swimmers are. 
Another segment showed how beauty shops often work and how workers, under quota requirements, often oversell services. And still another report concerned valet parking, and how to tip them.  I recall that at the Angelino Hotel on the 405 in LA in 2012 you had to use valet;  the hotel would not let you park yourself.   

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