Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CNN: "Love and Death in Paradise": Double jeopardy in Costa Rica (just as in Italy with Knox); also the weakness of a "trust"

On Tuesday night, CNN aired a special “Love and Death in Paradise”, narrated by Randi Kaye, about the death of John Bender in a mounaintop home in the rain forest of Costa Rica. The link for the special is here.

His wife, Ann Bender, interviewed in the program, was acquitted of his shooting, but tried again and convicted the second time.  As with Amanda Knox in Italy, it is possible to try someone more than once for the same offense in Costa Rica.  She was sentenced to 22 years in prison,
The wife was bipolar, but John has been depressed and had reportedly talked about suicide, even in this paradise.  Ann maintains that John killed himself in a confrontation.
The interesting aspect of the story was that John had a trust, and the trustee tried to cut off Ann from income from it. 
Police eventually removed all the luxury items from the home.
Ann says that if she is ever freed, she wants to operate the resort as a center for the mentally ill.

Somehow the title reminds me of the film “Love and Death in Long Island”. 

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