Friday, May 02, 2014

CNN: "The Trials of Amanda Knox" with Chris Cuomo; Knox responds to the way the Italian courts let a known burglar frame her

CNN aired a special report, “The Trials of Amanda Knox”, (plural) 30 minutes, as Chris Cuomo interviewed Knox about the decision of the Italian court to convict her again (issued Jan. 30), and also the release (around April 29) of a 300-page explanation of the verdict.  The link is here

The Court seemed to believe the testimony of convicted burglar Rudy Guede, which (likely fabricating) claims that Knox and her boyfriend stuck the victim as well as him.

The one last step if for the Italian supreme court to review the conviction.

If that happens. Italy would request extradition from the US, but it seems unlikely that the US would return her.   Would John Kerry honor a treaty with Italy, or apply the US constitutional rules against double jeopardy?  There could be a lot of blowback over other cases. 


What would help would be for Congress to pass a law giving the state department explicit authority to deny extradition for convictions that would not occur in the US under our constitution or procedural rules.    

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