Thursday, May 01, 2014

Datelines covers bizarre fake "Ransom" in Florida

On April 19 NBC Dateline aired an episode called “Ransom” (video link)  about a woman, Quinn Gray, in Ponte Verde Florida who faked her own abduction.  Police claim that Quinn teamed up with a Bosnian immigrant Jasmin Osmanovic, to extort money from her millionaire husband, Reid (and not the “right” Reid). 

A story in Today gave her defense, that Quinn had substance abuse problems, had been to the Hazelden clinic in Minnesota, and was a natural target for someone like Jasmin (Today link).
The Dateline episode covered many details that did not comport with the usual ransom cases, as in the movies (as in Ron Howard’s “Ransom” (1996) with Mel Gibson). 

Eventually, Quinn “escapes” and calls authorities, who gradually manipulate her into “confession” with gentle questioning techniques.
Quinn was ultimately convicted of extortion and got seven years probation (link).

I’d like to see Dateline follow up on Chris Hansen’s “To Catch a Predator” cases of a few years ago.  

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