Friday, May 16, 2014

"Days of our Lives": Now, another mystery around Nick Fallon, who isn't coming back again

"Days of our Lives" has undergone another transition.  This time, Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) really has been shot, and seems gone for good this time.  The sequence, where he gets two chest wounds from a gun with a silencer, and then stumbles into the Town Square, to collapse, was actually well done.
Again, why did the writers decide to destroy a one-time likeable geeky character from a few years ago?

In recent episodes, in his desire to blackmail the three women, and to blackmail Will into giving up custody of the daughter, he chided others to "know their place".  That almost sounds like Donald Sterling.

Recent episodes showed Sonny packing up a gun and silencer and putting it into his backpack.  But he got it put back, and escaped detection.  But this is probably not the murder weapon.  It's just a diversion.

My guess is, it's going to turn out that Sami did it.  Everyone is a suspect.  EJ and Sami have been talking like they did it.  And Sami is due to leave the show at the end of the year.

Freddie Smith can be inconsistent in his appearance even within the same episode.  Just don't let Steve Harvey call the shots for the show.

Update: May 30

The assassination scene, on May 9, is masterfully acted and filmed (link).  Nick is in the park, on a cell phone, talking about therapy and changing, and how he is hurting himself.  As he utters the word "hope", there is the sound of a click (from a silencer) and he turns around, at time mark 2:11 on the video.  Once he has rotated, he is hit two more times, as his body jumps.  He examines himself, and finds copious blood from wounds.  He collapses.  The next scene is back at the pub.  A little girl screams as Nick stumbles into the club, collapses and dies.  He had several minutes to know that he was going to die.

Will Horton has suddenly confessed to the crime, to fix his karma (his dad had taken the rap when he shot EJ as a teen).  The police won't accept his confession.

We all know that Sami and EJ hired a hit man to shoot Nick.  Were Will and the hit man in the park at the same time, hitting Nick with separate bullets?

Actor Guy Wilson has upper arms bigger than most men's thighs.  But, repeatedly, Freddie Smith keeps losing his chest and arm hair, and then temporarily and partially getting it back.  If Will is in jail, he won't be around to shave Sonny.

Update: June 5

Allison Sweeney is reported to have spent her last day on the set as Sami recently.  So something really bad is going to happen to Sami soon.  The show is pre-empted for two days for the French tennis open.

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