Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Mexico", is depicted by Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" as run by drug cartels, even if the food is good

Anthony Bourdain’s “Mexico” episode in his “Parts Unknown” series (the episode is also called “Under the Volcano”), link here, focused on the heavy domination of the entire country by drug cartels.  Bourdain showed a map of the country, with the relative zones controlled by various cartels.  He interviewed a female journalist who lives under guard after exposing them.  She insists she will not live the country or live under a pseudonym with a new identity, denying her previous work, to save her life.  (My main blog took up this issue, May 22.) 

I’ve been in Mexico twice that I can recall.  On Labor Day weekend of 1974, I went to Mexico City (with a plane change in Houston, which introduced me to Texas), and visited Teotihuacan, the pyramid site 40 miles away.  When I returned, I started my new life in New York City.  On Sunday of that weekend, I witnessed an inauguration.


On the first weekend of January 1979, when I was moving from New York to Dallas, I spent a weekend near El Paso and drove my rental car into Cuidad Juarez for about an hour. You could do that in those days.  A coworker went by himself into rural Mexico about 100 miles and returned OK, but that was seen as a risky thing to do. Back in 1962, a college chum had climbed Mout Popo (17000 feet) and barely ,issed a fatal accident.  

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