Monday, May 19, 2014

"Mississippi Delta" is the latest of the "parts unknown" for CNN's Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain, for his Parts Unknown series, traveled to the Mississippi Delta Sunday night, going to jute boxes and presenting us with a lot of crude sea food and soul food (not exactly comfort food), like a variety of clams, fried okra and chicken neck bones, pig ears, pulled pork and briskets.  The basic link is here.  It was interesting to see this segment the same weekend that the film “Chef” by Jon Favreau opened. (There's also a film "Eating Alabama" on the Movies blog, Jan. 17). 
He posed the question as to whether the people are less racist than they used to be.  At one point in the broadcast, there seemed to be a silent depiction of the site near Philadelphia MS where three young civil rights workers were murdered in 1964 after doing voter registration.
I visited the area around Bay St. Louis in February 2006, after Hurricane Katrina.  I remember stopping in a bar Sunday afternoon with a restaurant the resembled those in the broadcast.
Anderson Cooper talks about what happens when the “world’s most adventurous eater” goes out with “the world’s least adventurous eater”.    

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