Sunday, May 18, 2014

Morgan Spurlock becomes Inside Man on a UFO investigation, interviews a repeat abductee

Morgan Spurlock was “Inside Man” for “UFO’s” tonight, May 18.  He first visited a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) training class in the Arizona high desert, and learned to debrief people claiming to have seen UFOs or to have been abducted.  The video link is here

He then visited Sedona, AZ, for a night sky viewing, and later the Very Large Array in western New Mexico, operated by SETI. 

But the most interesting part of the hour was his interview with a woman from Santa Monica CA who claims she was abducted several times, after first seeing a UFO on the horizon over the Pacific Ocean.  She claims her ova have mothered seven children on another planet in the Zeta Reticulum system (sounds like Betty and Barney Hill).

Curiously, Morgan did not visit Roswell.

How many sightings do I have?  I saw an object over Lawrence KS in 1967 while in graduate school.  I saw one in northern Arizona while in a rental car at dusk in December 1975.  And at an “Understanding” convention in Tonapah, AZ in 1978, some of us saw an object with red and green alternating lights blinking over the desert.  Could these have been satellites or military aircraft?  Probably.

My own feeling is that someday, we’ll conquer the “speed of light” problem, but probably by learning to communicate with the Afterlife, which has a different sense of time. 

I think it is possible people like us do live on planets in solar systems only a few dozen light years away.  If you saw a person dematerialize, and reappear a second later a few hundred feet away, he or she would have to be from another world, in some sense, even if an “angel”. 

Wikipedia attribution link for Sedona picture. Most recent visit was in 2000.  

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