Saturday, May 31, 2014

NBC Dateline airs mystery about two young women who kill to cover a relationship

NBC Dateline Saturday Night Mystery aired an episode called “Something Wicked”, about the tragic murder of high school student Skylar Neese, near Morgantown WVa, by two high school friends.  The girl had disappeared in July 2012, and high school friends had noticed her mood changing in the early part of 2012.   Two other girls, Rachel and Shelia, had turned on her and plotted her end, possibly to cover up their relationship, according to the report.  So sometimes women are capable of these kinds of crimes, most definitely, just as in soap operas.
Police did not arrest Rachel immediately when she “confessed”, until they had DNA evidence to incriminate both.

 Pictures: Morgantown, WVa University and People Mover, mine, from visit in May 2013.  

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