Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pray for Rosemary's Baby

I remember the witty “Rosemary’s Baby”, as directed by Roman Polanski, from Paramount, back in 1968, shortly after the “God is dead” material in Time and other media in the mid 60s.  I read the novel by Ira Levin while in the Army.

The NBC mini-series remake, directed by Abniesgzka Holland with Lionsgate Television, seems bloated by comparison.  The film is shown in two 2-hour increments, May 11 and 15 on NBC.  The setting has moved to Paris.  Rosemary (Zaldana) has had a miscarriage, and then comes into contact with the “generous” Castevet family after a street incident.  The husband Guy (Patrick J. Adams) is burned in an apartment fire – and the cantankerous Siamese cat probably saves his life, and keeps the damage merely cosmetic, which never distracts Rosemary too much.  (The cat is the best character in the first half; I wonder if she belongs to one of the stars.) Guy is a “professional” author, who is suffering from writer’s block after the miscarriage and his own injury.  His “publisher” even cancels his contract.  Why not try self-publishing? Well, he has nothing to say. I wondered how credible was his dilemma in 2014. 
The previews do make the second half look enticing.  We may well find out what the “son of Satan” really looks like. 

The official site is here.

Second half:  the horrible accident in the kitchen is well done.

The opening music sounds a bit like Poulenc.

You barely notice that this is a "mixed" couple.  Maybe it's supposed to be.

I’ve never been a big fan of remakes.  This is old material.  

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