Sunday, May 04, 2014

Resurrection Finale: Hundreds return, aliens in bodies of the deceased; what sense does this make?

Well, there was some satisfaction with the season finale of ABC’s “Resurrection”, called “Torn Apart”, as hundreds of deceased townspepople start showing up and are herded into a school shelter.  Soon the fibbies want to keep them locked up as “aliens”.  They aren’t the really deceased people.   You get the drift.
At the very end there is a hint that Bellamy himself is “one of them.”  Oh, we’ve seen this idea before:  The Event, The 4400. 

Somehow, from what I saw, the characters really didn’t carry this series.

So who are “The 250”?  What could the point of coming back in other people’s bodies?  Is this some preview of what the afterlife is, of the coming Rapture?  Or are the people simply space aliens?  The whole idea doesn’t seem very compelling.

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