Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Revenge" Season 3 Finale was a typical soap opera shocker -- Clarke is alive

The finale of Season 3 of “Revenge” ("Execution") on May 11 was shocking enough, as we learn that David Clarke is alive after all, when he stabs Conrad Grayson.   It’s all on a variety of sites, like here.   What’s strange is that Victoria (who came back from the dead once) took three seasons to realize that Emily is really Amanda, and she winds up as an “m.p.”. 
I’ve never seen so many plot convolutions thrown into even three seasons of a weekly “soap”.  The problem with soap, of course, is that plot events become reversible.
The Revenge Wiki for Nolan Ross is interesting, particularly the way, in his quirky manner, he seeks to find morality in his world, link here

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