Tuesday, May 06, 2014

SNL Weekend Update toys with the SO registry (all with "grammar and literature" in high school English class)

I caught something interesting in the SNL “Weekend Update” Saturday night (link), as Jebidiah Atkinson (no more Seth Myers) made fun of the Tony awards and what he disliked about all the popular Broadway shows, including “Wicked”.  He finally got around to Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, and made the remark that it is presented as story of underage teens, especially Juliet.  In fact, I recall a ninth grade English teacher explaining this aspect of the play – that girls married young in those days but not ours.  Atkinson said the he doesn’t go to the theater “to wind up on a sex offender registry”.  He probably would have said that if he watched an enactment of my own screenplay “The Sub”, which I put online in early 2005, and which eventually caused controversy, because it shows a male teacher tempted by a precocious student after recovering from a heart attack at school. 

Atkinson said that the only play he liked was “Our American Cousin” (by Tom Taylor), which was playing at the Fords Theater when Ford was assassinated.  An American goes to Britain to get his underserved inheritance (in Dallas, I had a “trick” with a “British inheritance”; I think he mentioned this play.)  The play coined the word “dundreary”.

He also attacked the musical “Cats” (which I saw in Dallas) with a joke about feline leukemia.
Don't forget the "Bird Bible Stories".  At the public library, "it's free". 

Andrew Garfield appeared none the worse for wear having played Peter Parker as Spider Man resumes. 

 He looks best with his shirt open, as at the end.  


Above: SNL’s “Three Wise Guys”.  Don't forget the "Three Blind Mice" from "Dr. No". 
Picture: behind these trees is a gun shop and club in Warrenton, VA. 

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