Monday, May 12, 2014

"The Book of Morgan": Inside Man Spurlock writes and delivers a sermon

The latest episode of CNN’s “Inside Man” series with Morgan Spurlock has the journalist exploring the religion landscape in Nashville, TN, to climax in his writing his own sermon, “The Book of Morgan”.  The link is here

He delivers the sermon at a group called the “Sunday Assembly”, a somewhat agnostic group that might be compared to “Ethical Culture” which I visited in New York City at times in the 1970s.

Morgan’s description of sitting down to write is odd.  He isn’t sure what he wants to say until he jots down thoughts to give him a matrix.  He sermon is finally called “Welcome Home”.  He does talk about becoming a father and having to explain to his little son why “Daddy, all you do is leave.”

Morgan also visits some megachurches in Nashville, particularly the Cornerstone.  The pastor says he was once in jail.  The pastor does rail against homosexuality, mostly from the viewpoint of its antagonism to gender complementarity and procreation (and the lifetime responsibility it entails).  “Man was not meant to be alone” he says.  And he also says we don’t get to choose God’s rules or which ones apply to us, and it’s wrong to vote for politicians who try to change God’s laws.”  Morgan says that this kind of absolutism doesn’t sit well with him
Remember, Morgan, public speaking is easy.  Laugh a little, cry a little. 
Wikipedia attribution link for Nashville skyline. My own pass-through, 1988 (driving back to DC from Texas); plane change in 1992.

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