Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CNN on OJ: "20 Years Later"

CNN aired its own mini special on OJ, “20 Years Later: The Night that OJ Simpson’s Bronco Chase Crashed the NBA Finals”.  It lists the five things to know right here

Apparently the chase attracted the most TV viewers early.  And CNN reported the bizarre conversations where police were trying to convince OJ that people still loved him, until he turned himself in.
Of course, plenty of speakers in the one hour documentary refer to OJ as a sociopath.
The special on the Bronco chase seemed puny compared to NBC Dateline’s special recently.
Ford discontinued the Bronco brand two years after this incident/ 

OJ would speak to police without an attorney only once.

PS: I spoke too soon. On Tuesday night, CNN aired a second documentary, one hour, "The O.J. Simpson Trial."  Kato Kaehlin, now looking grizzled and foppish, got to explain how the murder gave him a chance to launch his own brand of clothing.  "This is the hand I was dealt."   

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