Monday, June 30, 2014

CNN: "The Rise and Fall of Aaron Hernandez"

CNN has been airing its one hour documentary on the fall of New England Patriots tight-end player Aaron Hernandez (titled “The Rise and Fall of Aaron Hernandez”), who has been barred from the NFL and had most of his pay canceled as a result. 
Aaron has been involved in two separate incidents involving murders, and one civil case involving an assault where a man was partially blinded by gunshot.  A common theme in the cases is Hernandez’s conduct in nightclubs, and his tendency to lose his temper over slight accidents or insults, and then possibly chase individuals later. Disagreements over conduct in bars is rather common in my experience, but usually (in my own life) settled by withdrawing from a situation, or sometimes leaving.  Spilled drinks are one thing, but photography is becoming a bigger issue than it used to be. 
CNN has a writeup on the cases here and Wikipedia gives some detailed facts on the cancellation of contracts by the Patriots and NFL.

There are some legal controversies over the ability to find murder weapons, and over the use of circumstantial evidence.  

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