Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Continuum" on Showcase and SyFy: Richard Harmon's character Julian seems like Danny from "Judas Kiss", the same man

I tried another SyFy series today, sampling “Continuum”, the Canadian time-travel series by Simon Barry.
The premise may seem a bit hackneyed by now.  In the Pilot (“A Stitch in Time”), it is 2077, in Vancouver, where corporations have replaced government and the right wing runs a police state.  A group of terrorists from a group called “Liber8” escaped execution through a time machine and go back to 2012, which is modern enough – present day.  A police officer Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) accidentally accompanies them.   
The show, back in 2012, gets interesting, as people try to figure out what is going on (as in “The 4400”).  But a young entrepreneur, Alec Sadler (Eric Knudsen) seems to rival Mark Zuckerberg in his ability to invent things, especially the future technology of time travel.  He lives on a farm, and has a step brother Julian Randol, played by Richard Harmon (wiki ). 
In an episode in 2013 (“Revolutions per Minute”, episode 33), Sadler offers Julian a job as a public relations liaison.  We understand that Sadler goes on to be the evil corporateur, and eventually Randol becomes Theseus, the original founder of Liber8.

Richard Harmon plays the younger character with the same kind of beady intensity of the character Danny in the movie “Judas Kiss” (movies, June 4, 2011).   He is a boy with the cunning of a sage, but more reserved at first here than Alec.  In fact, in the two episodes that I watched, he seemed like the same kid, in another (maybe connected) time-travel story.  Indeed, as Judas co-star Timo Descamps said in a funny video, “Richard Harmon is the greatest of all time”.  As he did in an original Smallville episode, he sticks with you. 
Harmon talks about an argument in his family after he has participated in riots:

I wonder if the series would work better without the Prologue (telling you it starts in 2077).  There are various theories offered as to how time travel can happen without violating “the time arrow of physics”.
The Canadian TV (Showcase) site is here.
The individual HD episodes on Amazon cost $2.99 each ($1.99 for standard). One iTunes, episodes before season 3 appear to be free.    

Picture: On top Dolly Sods, W Va, 4000 ft elevation, Aug. 2013, resembles Canada.  

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