Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ellen challenges Grey's star Dempsey to shave his legs for charity bike race; Apprentice's Bill Rancic on The View

Well, daytime TV (a bene of retirement) offered some silliness today, as well as some grave subject matter.  
This afternoon, Ellen DeGeneres was interviewing Patrick Dempsey, from Grey’s Anatomy on ABC.  He said, if I heard correctly, that he is also a real physician.  He was talking about some charity bicycle race coming up soon in LA.  Ellen asked if he was going to shave his legs.  (“Shaggy legs” would be a good nickname.)   Yes, she really did.  Then they got into a discussion of why competitive cyclists do this, and there doesn’t seem to be a very good reason other than tradition, belonging to the group.  (The aerodynamics argument is negligible, although it may matter more for swimming.)  Should men do this just as a demonstration for charity?  Is this “What Women Want” (the 2000 comedy which I think I saw on an airplane on the way to an SLDN benefit in San Francisco).  Here’s what “About.com” says about the topic. 

Then Ellen hosted a boy band called “Fall Out Boy” which performed “Alone Together”.  That sounds like the result of our dependence on social media. (See review of Sherry Turkle's book of that name on my Books blog, Nov. 2, 2011).
Earlier today, on ABC’s "The View", Bill Rancic, a winner of Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” Show (link ) was weighing in on all the crises of the day, when he suddenly mentioned that a college roommate used to shave his own back and arms.  So lightning struck twice today. (And remember what happened to Troy McClain on seaso n 1.) 

The View” then turned serious.  Gloria Allred discussed the case in Wisconsin of the two tween girls who plotted to lure a “friend” and stabbed her in order to offer a sacrifice to the fictional character “SlenderMan” from the Creepypasta site. She did not mention the idea of blaming the site, and said that the girls had premeditated the attack so they must have known right from wrong. 

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