Thursday, June 05, 2014

Gideon Raff (interviewed about POW release in Afghanistan) had written Israeli series "Prisoners of War" as well as "Homeland"

CNN’s Don Lemon interviewed Gideon Raff, writer of several Israeli and later American television series, about the exchange of the American POW Boer Bergdahl for five Taliban prisoners, and the possibility that Bergdahl could have caused his own predicament.  Raff emphasized that once someone is a POW, his life is determined for him by others; he becomes totally dependent, and adjustment to freedom will be difficult.
Gideon Raff was the writer of the Israeli series “Prisoners of War” (“Hatufim” or “Abductees”), from 2009-2012, some of which was adapted for “Homeland” for Showtime.
The original series depicts the return (after complex and tense negotiations) of two prisoners who had been captured in Lebanon 17 years earlier, along with one who returns dead.  I looked at the very first episode, called “The Return” on Hulu, link here (with many commercials, the 62 minute episode takes about 90 minutes to play). The men who return are confronted with wives who have moved on with other relationships.

The series had aired on Israel’s “Keshet” and Israel’s Channel 2.
Hulu requires age verification to watch the series (the subject matter of "COPA" a few years back), and this can be accomplished by being loggoed on to Facebook on one's browser while creating an account/   

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