Sunday, June 08, 2014

Morgan Spurlock tries playing "College Sports" as Inside: should college athletes be paid?

CNN's "Inside Man" Season 2 with Morgan Spurlock concluded Sunday night with "College Sports" (link).  Morgan tired out being a college basketball player and then a football player -- at age 43 -- to see if he had what it takes.  Maybe baseball would serve him better;  I think Nolam Ryan threw a no-hitter at age 45.

Spurlock looked at how college scholarships under NCAA supervision work, and whether these kids are "students first" or "athletes first".  Fear it is the latter.

When I taught algebra as a graduate assistant instructor in the 1960s and the University of Kansas, I may have had athletes, who flunked.  I was oblivious in those days.

Spurlock says the kids do learn a lot of virtues playing sports.  But remember Malcolm Gladwell considers college football as morally problematic because of the concussion risk. which Spurlock doesn't mention/

A related film is "Schooled: The Price of College Sports" from Strand, reviewed on Movies blog Nov. 13, 2013.  

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