Sunday, June 01, 2014

Morgan Spurlock volunteers in New Orleans, helps set up fund raiser, to explore "Income Inequality" as part of his "Inside Man" series

Sunday, June 1, 2014, Morgan Spurlock explored “Income Inequality” in his “Inside Man” series.  Spurlock visited New Orleans and volunteered with a group called Total Community Action, or TCA.  Then he visited some of the top “1%”, including a lawyer who got rich bringing litigation for poor people. A link is for the CNN program is here
Spurlock said that in New Orleans, the rich and poor live closer together than in many other cities.
The businessmen almost all agreed that “we didn’t all start in the same place in line”, and that it took more than hard work; it took a break.  It also took a certain amount of luck, because by definition entrepreneurs take risks.   Life is hard for those at the bottom, and technology has eliminated a lot of well-paid blue collar jobs of the past.  The businessmen said that it was morally imperative for them to give back and do something personally about inequality.
Spurlock and several of the businessmen ran a fundraiser for TCA at one of the homes.  

Update: June 2

The link for New Orleans Total Community Action Services is here.  Does TCA have to hire professionals to do most of the counseling services?  It would appear so.  How much of this is done by volunteers?  Does someone know?  Could Morgan answer this himself?

TCA's own website males it look bureaucratic.  How do services actually get delivered?  How does the really personal contact work?  Morgan could follow up on this with another report.  See the comment on the Aug 29, 2007 posting (on an AC360 show) here.  

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