Wednesday, June 11, 2014

NBC Dateline relives the OJ Trial with a 2-hour documentary

NBC Dateline presented a two-hour special with Lester Holt, “O.J. 20 Years Later”, basic link here. The documentary purported to tell what the jury never heard.
One of the more interesting parts of the prequel was the on-off relationship of Simpson with Nicole Brown.  Having divorced, the story of their repeated but bizarre attempts to get together again, yet recurring anger, the resumption of the relationship did not make sense.  Also, the courage of Ron Goldman, in trying to intervene instead of leaving, was remarkable. 

The documentary gives a good reenactment of the low speed choice on June 17, 1994, which I recall seeing myself in an apartment in Arlington when coming home from work.
The extreme sequestration of the jury was remarkable.  Only two of the jurors wanted to convict.
I recall hearing the verdict at work that day.  Clinton had prepared for possible demonstrations all over the country.  I didn’t buy the idea that racial divisions could affect the objectivity of a verdict.  But the prosecutions goofs, including the mess with the shoes and then with Furhman, probably ruined the case.  
I even recall talk show host Victoria Jones talking about OJ.
The civil trial from the Goldman family is then explained, and attorney Petrocelli explains shaking Simpson’s hand.
I do have Marsha Clark’s book “Without a Doubt” , Viking, 197, with Teresa Carpenter.
The documentary ends with an account of Simpson’s arrest and conviction for a bizarre burglary in Las Vegas.

Above is another YouTube documentary, “OJ Simpson, the Untold Story” (one hour).  

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